Framed Halloween Die Cuts

halloween die cut craft

I absolutely love vintage Beistle Halloween decor and artwork and I love that you can order reproductions too!

This summer I ordered some die cut Beistle Halloween decorations from Amazon and have been pondering how I was going to incorporate them into my haunted house this fall.

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$15 Halloween Haul


I search the Facebook marketplace from time to time looking for vintage Halloween accents and decor (specifically blow molds) and stumbled across a “lot” of Halloween loot. The original post said $20, but I offered $15 (I’m always looking for the best deal) and the seller graciously accepted my offer.

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My 2017 Creepy Castle

Haunt the halls with ghouls and goblins, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek! (That’s how the song should go, right?)

Today’s post are some photos of how I decorated the inside of my house. I’ve been slowly gathering even more haunting knick-knacks for this year’s decorating. I hope some of my display will inspire your decorating as well! Now that 4th of July has passed, I’m so ready to begin putting out the creepies! I probably won’t start until the first weekend of September. That’s not too early…

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