$15 Halloween Haul


I search the Facebook marketplace from time to time looking for vintage Halloween accents and decor (specifically blow molds) and stumbled across a “lot” of Halloween loot. The original post said $20, but I offered $15 (I’m always looking for the best deal) and the seller graciously accepted my offer.

The haul came with a giant plastic tote (which in my opinion, you can never have too many of – they are my ideal junk hiding container of choice) and plenty of knick-knacks inside. See the photos in the gallery below to see what came inside of my $15 Halloween box (pupper not included):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The box also contained several additional serving bowls, confetti, unused cob web and some table covers (they were plastic and slightly melted together so I did not picture them above). All in all, I’d say that I got quite a bit of Halloween magic for $15 and I can’t wait to start haunting the halls with this fun little haul!

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