Spooks & Shoes: 1


This is slightly embarrassing for me to admit, but I have an addiction to shoes. Especially shoes that are on sale. It is frightening. For example, earlier this year I was cleaning out the coat and shoe closet and lined up my entire shoe collection in rows. I counted over 75 pairs…shocking, I know! I justify my shoe collection by telling myself, “hey, at least I did not pay more than $20 per pair!”

My good friend Anastasia suggested that I should really be blogging about shoes, and so she is the source of my inspiration for these posts and has dubbed this weekly series – “Spooks and Shoes!” Get comfy and and enjoy a pair of scary good shoes and something spooky.

yellowmauricesshoesThe latest addition to my shoe collection are these mustard yellow suede heels. They’re surprisingly comfy AND cost only $13.19 from my all time favorite, Maurice’s! They also  come in navy and all black for a more toned down look – but I love to draw attention to what’s on my feet.

If you’re looking for a cute sandal with a little pep, check these babies out!

And now, time for something SPOOKY


I spent Friday the 13th in the best possible way – watching Tulsa Project Theater’s production of “Lizzie” – the Lizzie Borden Rock Musical. This was a treat for the ears and eyes. The music is so catchy, the choreography is excellent, the set, the actors – it was just a brilliant production. I quite enjoy when a moment in history is retold through music.

If you live in Tulsa, you can get tickets for this weekend and next weekend still. If you don’t live here, keep an eye out for if there is a local production ever near you. I highly recommend it!

Stay spooky my friends!

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