Framed Halloween Die Cuts

halloween die cut craft

I absolutely love vintage Beistle Halloween decor and artwork and I love that you can order reproductions too!

This summer I ordered some die cut Beistle Halloween decorations from Amazon and have been pondering how I was going to incorporate them into my haunted house this fall.

I didn’t want to simply tape them on the wall since I feel like they are pieces of art to be displayed and honored in a more sophisticated fashion, which is why I decided to frame each one.

I picked up some 8×10 frames from the Dollar Tree. What I love about these frames, is that you can either rest them on a shelf since they have a stand on the back – or you could hang them on the wall. I chose to use construction paper as the matte behind the die cuts since it was also at the Dollar Tree and had simple solid colors. You could always make your own work of art by using scrapbook or patterned paper behind your die cuts. There are no rules! Make it your own!

I hope this inexpensive decor idea inspires you to make your own framed Halloween creation out of any Halloween die cut this season!

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