The Story of Jack: the Scarecrow Blow Mold

I want to tell you the story about my favorite blow mold, which is named Jack. I’m not sure if my father coined the name Jack or if it was me – but somehow this blow mold ended up being called Jack!

Now Jack was not always my favorite blow mold…in fact, my family had this Halloween decoration for as long as I can remember and at the very beginning I HATED Jack.

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DIY Mesh Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

The Dollar Tree is full of spooktacular ideas and craft supplies around this time of year. I confess, I try to stop in once a week or once every couple weeks to see what is new in stores for Halloween around this time of year.

Last week, my local Dollar Tree had began to sell Halloween craft supplies and my first Dollar Tree Halloween haul contained everything I needed and more to create a new spooky Halloween wreath that I can haunt my halls with (I’ll be making another trip back there soon to make a second wreath for my Halloween-loving mom as well!)

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My 2017 Creepy Castle

Haunt the halls with ghouls and goblins, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek, eek! (That’s how the song should go, right?)

Today’s post are some photos of how I decorated the inside of my house. I’ve been slowly gathering even more haunting knick-knacks for this year’s decorating. I hope some of my display will inspire your decorating as well! Now that 4th of July has passed, I’m so ready to begin putting out the creepies! I probably won’t start until the first weekend of September. That’s not too early…

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