DIY Mesh Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

The Dollar Tree is full of spooktacular ideas and craft supplies around this time of year. I confess, I try to stop in once a week or once every couple weeks to see what is new in stores for Halloween around this time of year.

Last week, my local Dollar Tree had began to sell Halloween craft supplies and my first Dollar Tree Halloween haul contained everything I needed and more to create a new spooky Halloween wreath that I can haunt my halls with (I’ll be making another trip back there soon to make a second wreath for my Halloween-loving mom as well!)

I’ll show you how to make a spooky mesh wreath below!

You’ll need (all can be purchased at the Dollar Tree):

  • A metal wreath frame
  • About 4 rolls of decorative Halloween mesh
  • 1 bag of black pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • OPTIONAL: Other decorative flare! I picked up some clip-on glitter bats, some decorative Halloween ornaments, glittery pumpkin stakes, some green spiders, a witch door hanger (I’m going to put the legs at the base of my wreath, and other odds and ends to incorporate – such as LED string lights!)

To start, I cut the size of the mesh strips I want. I wanted to achieve a frayed, colorful and voluminous wreath, and to do that I cut my mesh strips into short rectangles (they got smaller as I was working on it – I liked the look of the smaller strips the best)

Next, cut your pipe cleaner into short sticks that can wrap around the center of your mesh strip and the metal frame and still be twisted to secure the mesh on the frame.

Each mesh strip should be secured and shaped in the center, almost like a bow (see images above and below).

Pop in some Beetlejuice on the TV and get working! (I started watching the animated Beetlejuice series while making this wreath and really enjoyed myself!) Or, tune into your favorite spooky playlist to energize you creative flow! YOU DO YOU!

Same goes for the order you place each mesh strip – try to fill each section full for an extra fluffy and full wreath, but create your own order for colors. Mine was pretty random with the majority being black and orange with some pops of purple.

Once I finished securing the mesh strips all around the frame I decided to thread in some purple LED string lights I found at Dollar Tree. I secured the battery pack to the back of the wreath using pipe cleaners. I ended up removing the stakes from the decorative items I picked out and hot glued them directly on the wreath, and I attached my little witch legs with pipe cleaners as well.

And now I encourage you to make your own spooktacular Halloween wreath – and you will save tremendously and have fun making your own by shopping for your supplies at the Dollar Tree!

Send me photos of your creations if you decide to haunt your halls and make one this season!

37 thoughts on “DIY Mesh Dollar Tree Halloween Wreath

    1. Hi Vicky! I cut them in about three inch strips. I honestly eyeballed it. I cut one out and used it as the template for all other strips (I’m terrible at precision but that way they all were around the same size!) even if some are longer and shorter, it seems to fluff out nicely!


  1. Hi, love the look of your wreath! Did you secure the mesh to all the wreath “rows” or just the outside perimeter. I’ve see some diys that are just mounting to the middle. Thank you!


      1. Yes you could! I cut my mesh pieces too short to tie so I could get as much use from a roll of mesh as possible. It’s totally up to you!


  2. Hi! When you put the mesh onto the wreath was it along outside row only or did you mount to all the wire forms? I see some peeps only doing the middle forms.


    1. Hello and thank you for sharing. I am not clear on the orange and purple. Do you cut and tie them exactly like the black and just put sided by side and on each row or are they layered on top of the black?


  3. this was very nice and actually helpful im the type of crafter that needs to be shown how to do instead of reading and yours was really easy to follow i have made several already for all seasons but always used other stores and payed alot now off to dollar tree wish i knew how to send pictures lol and also its always fun crafting with others no one around my area crafts thanks again!


  4. Wow!! Can’t believe you got all from the dollar store! Your instructions sound so easy! Will be going to the dollar store to pick up the materials.
    Thank you for sharing ..


  5. This is beautiful..Love it!! I was wondering, could you use ribbon in place of mesh for this? I have some black and purple sparkly ribbon that I was wondering what I could use for and thought maybe a wreath, but was not sure if it would work.


    1. I think that could definitely work! I used ribbon for my Valloween wreath. If it’s thin enough you could simply tie the ribbon instead of using chenille stems to secure it to the wreath frame.


      1. Glad I wasn’t the only one wondering this. One of the pictures shown has both clumps on there and then single pieces of black mesh tied on. Surely she will answer this and tell us she made bundles of the mesh.


      2. I used individual strips, I did not bundle them – but you certainly can bundle them, if may just fluff up differently.


  6. When making the mesh “bundles”, how many pieces of mesh did you use? I can’t tell from the picture or the instructions. Is it using 2 black strips, 2 orange strips, and then 1 purple strip per bundle? Sorry to be so literal, but I love the color spread of the one you made. I read above the strips are 3 inches each.


    1. I tied each strip on individually – it’s a bit time consuming, but I liked how it looked trying each little bow shape on at a time!


    1. Hi Joan, I cut the mesh about an inch long (I eyeballed it and wasn’t super precise), but you can vary the size based on the look you want. I also did about an inch long to help make my roll of mesh last longer.


      1. I started with big strips but preferred the look of smaller 1 inch strips overall (plus I could maximize the roll of mesh if I cut them smaller). It can be done with bigger strips thought and will make a poofier wreath!


  7. Thank you SO much for the step-by-step photos to accompany the instructions! I definitely learn easier by seeing what you mean in the wording so this was absolutely helpful!!!! Me and my kids are able to make wreaths now as a family, save SO much money and make fun memories! Thank you!!


    1. I’m so glad this was helpful for you and your family! They’re so much fun to make! I’m all about saving money too and making memories – when you make it yourself it’s a one-of-a-kind. Enjoy!!!


    1. I did mostly black mesh and randomly added in pops of purple and orange. I didn’t stick to a pattern, I made it somewhat spontaneous where the colored strips were placed. However, you can stick to a pattern to create a different look that will be just as amazing!


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