Halloween Shopping at Michaels

It gets real when Michaels has Halloween in stock. This year the online Halloween community has gone batty for the collections in store this year, namely the vintage inspired black ceramic Halloween tree and the blow mold style pumpkin man and cat. I too lost my gourd when I saw the pumpkin man table top accent floating around the internet and have been obsessively visiting my Michaels store to bring him home with me.

In my opinion, it feels like there is less Halloween products stocked than there has been in the past, but I absolutely adore the variety of vintage inspired decor because that is my personal favorite style!

I’ve taken a few snapshots of what Halloween hunters can expect at their local Michaels this season and for you to become fully immersed in the Halloween shopping experience if you’re still waiting on your store to bring Halloween to you.

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Spooky Good Style: Dressed Up Graphic Tees

Sometimes you just gotta dress up a graphic tee! I love mixing casual pieces with something a bit more dressier to give outfits some edginess. That was my inspiration for the outfits below!  Both of the tee shirts came from Walmart (the Misfits top I snagged in the men’ section and the sugar skull top was last year’s style around Halloween in the junior’s section – keep an eye out for some spooky graphic tees which should be trickling in stores shortly after the “Back to School” season).

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