Halloween Shopping at Michaels

It gets real when Michaels has Halloween in stock. This year the online Halloween community has gone batty for the collections in store this year, namely the vintage inspired black ceramic Halloween tree and the blow mold style pumpkin man and cat. I too lost my gourd when I saw the pumpkin man table top accent floating around the internet and have been obsessively visiting my Michaels store to bring him home with me.

In my opinion, it feels like there is less Halloween products stocked than there has been in the past, but I absolutely adore the variety of vintage inspired decor because that is my personal favorite style!

I’ve taken a few snapshots of what Halloween hunters can expect at their local Michaels this season and for you to become fully immersed in the Halloween shopping experience if you’re still waiting on your store to bring Halloween to you.

I love the vintage cat pieces this year! That cheesy grin gets me every time. If you’re in the crafty mood and want to recreate this vintage style cat – check out my vintage inspired cat pail craft and make your own one-of-kind piece.

If you decorate your kitchen or bathroom for a Halloween, I can see those cute jars being a perfect accent in either room! They’re on my wish list!

On the other aisle you will find the more dark, mystical and gothic-inspired decor. I’ve been seeing a lot of the “fortune telling” theme at other stores this season as well (AtHome and Big Lots). It’s not my chosen style, but I can see a ton of potential and some year-round decor items in this theme. I bought the curiosity shop pillow for my couch and I’m going to leave it out all year! It blends perfectly for my curious and cozy living space.

I hope you get a chance to see some of these enchanting items this season at your local Michaels in person. Don’t forget to use a coupon when you go! I’ve been able to snag a few items for 40% and 50% off already (plus, they’ll match competitor coupons such as Joann and A.C. Moore).

Happy Halloween hunting friends!

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

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