Creepy Baby Doll Head Candelabra

I have finally got to moving on my first Halloween craft project of the season! I wanted to do this last year but time escaped me and I couldn’t quite find exactly what I wanted at the time.

If you’re into the creepy baby doll theme, this DIY/craft inspiration is for you! I have been captivated by the creepy doll theme and wanted to take it to a whole new level by attaching doll heads to a candelabra to create a decorative art piece to haunt my home.

Earlier this year I went to an estate sale with my parents and found just the piece to give this idea life. I found a two-pack of wine bottle candelabra inserts. I’ve been wanting to create a simple eerie baby doll head candelabra but all of the candelabras I hunted for at antique stores and estate sales were too gaudy or over the top.

I’ve never seen a wine bottle candelabra until I found this at an estate sale. It is quite genius – I don’t know why I never invented it?! Need some light at your dinner party table – just guzzle some wine, pop in the candelabra, place two candle sticks in and BAM you got light AND a fancy table decoration.

This craft can be inexpensive depending on which route you take. The candelabra was an additional 25% off when I got it, the wine was Oakleaf Cabernet (so that was only $2.98) and the baby doll heads I opted for are a new product at Michaels for the season (I used a 40% coupon so I only paid $4 and some change).

I could have left my bottle as is, but I wanted it to match the same oil rubbed bronze look of the candelabra insert.

I soaked my wine bottle in some hot soapy water to help get the decal and the decal gunk off to prepare it for a fresh coat of spray paint.

This is not a sponsored post, but I seriously love Rust-oleum paints! I actually used a metallic kind to update all of my door knobs in my house from the 1980s gold they once were. I digress…

I found this metallic hue at Wal-Mart for $7.95. I am almost certain I will find another use for this spray paint in my future….I like spray paint…..again, this is an invention that has really made human life easier. Paint with aerosol means an even coat and your arms/wrists won’t get tired of having to constantly paint with brushes. What a gift to mankind! Thank you to the inventor of spray paint.

Since I did not have to find creepy dolls and dismantle their heads from their bodies, this craft was a breeze! (an impatient crafters DREAM!)

While I waited for the paint to dry on my wine bottle, I attached the soul-less doll heads (that were already without a body) using hot glue to my candelabra insert.

The color I spray painted the bottle matched almost perfectly! This creepy doll head candelabra is going to shine on my oddities shelf this Halloween!

I hope I’ve inspired you to dream up your own dismembered creepy doll creation for your Halloween haunt this fall.

Stay spooky friends,

Callie Jo

2 thoughts on “Creepy Baby Doll Head Candelabra

  1. Ghoul, I’m not sure about those creepy doll heads, but what you did definitely made some ideas flow! I love what you did to rust up the bottle. I might steel this for my home tikiness. You’re the best! Excited for the next DIY, I just hope it’s not more creepy doll parts. TT^TT


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