Spooks & Shoes: 7

Greetings spooky friends! It’s been a good while since I shared a “Spooks & Shoes” post!

This is partly because shoes are the last thing I need (last time I cleaned my shoe closet I counted over 75 pairs). Old habits die hard, because I recently treated myself to a new pair of kicks AND something spooky. So here we are again!

Let’s change things up and talk about my spooky new Halloween purse first. I am completely obsessed with it. I’ve been hunting for a Halloween purse for a while now. I’ve never been quite lucky enough to master the art of snagging a Love, Pain and Stitches or a Strange Coven bag, but the bag I opted for is perfect for my throw-all-the-crap-in-your-bag lifestyle I have mastered.

This bag is designed the by lovely and talented Keely, the ghoul behind Darling Ghoul Studio: “where spooky is always in season!”

I had the pleasure of meeting her last month at Texas Haunters Convention, however I have been ogling her designs on her Instagram and website since I started my blog. Keely is the absolute sweetest too! She’s so smart and fun, plus she has incredible stories because when she’s not designing frightful trimmings for your life, she is investigating the paranormal.

This bag is made out of a high-quality faux leather and the print is crisp, sharp and vibrant. There are also a few extra pouches on the inside for your chewing gum and lipstick (at least that’s what I use my hidden bag pockets for…you could also tuck your sage for bad spirits or garlic in it to ward off the vamps).

Her style combines my favorite classic Halloween motifs with a fun, mystical vibe and a hint of adorableness.  She has everything from bags, accessories, to home accents like throw pillows and shower curtains in her shop. Darling Ghoul is the one-stop shop to Halloween-ify your life! (She is also releasing coffee tables and car floor mats on her shop soon that are bound to haunt your home and vehicle).

Along with a new purse, a girl must also procure new shoes to complete the outfit, right?! I stumbled onto the Maurices website (I was a former Assistant Manager there in my college years therefore I have an affinity for this retailer) a few days ago to be treated to goodies galore.

They were having their annual awesome (as I describe it) summer clearance sale so I scored a few dresses and tops and these amazing “shootie” style block heels.

These suede shoes are ridiculously comfortable and add just the right amount of height that I need to convince folks I am indeed almost 30 and not still in high school.

If you’re on the prowl for some new fall shoes that are casual but can still be dressed up, I recommend the Bella chop out heels from Maurices! (and if those aren’t your style they just added a TON of super stylish new booties that I am trying to convince myself I don’t need…).

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo


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