A Voyage to Spirit Halloween

Ahoy, spooky shoppers! The telltale sign that Halloween season has officially arrived at the harbor is when Spirit Halloween stores officially open!

Nothing is creepier than visiting the building where an abandoned Toys”R”Us or Sears retailer once thrived to find that they have been usurped by demonic animatronic creatures, walls of masks and costumes, and orange and black everything.

I made it a point to visit the first Spirit Halloween of the season on Friday, Aug. 9 (only ONE day after it just opened) on 71st Street in Tulsa, OK.

I always get a kick out of their displays and was giddy with Halloween glee to find that this location was well stocked and all of their frightening displays were working without a hitch. Keep reading to see some of the sights you can expect at Spirit Halloween stores in 2019!

The theme this year at Spirit is a demonic nautical (which goes well opening upon the heels of Shark Week).  There is a small eerie haunt you can walk through with TV screens displaying the sights and sounds of creatures that dwell in the scary deep darkness of the ocean.

As you exit the mini haunt, you’re greeted by macabre animated guests on the decrepit boardwalk – like clowns. Clowns are forever terrifying.

These conjoined soulless twins are forced to play outside on the boardwalk because they share, “daddy said we have to play outside because he doesn’t want anymore blood on the floor.”

This possessed doll is how I see most dolls and explains why I’m terrified of them. I also think she looks like me come Friday after a long week and not enough coffee…

This towering clown cracks me up because he lunges forward to snatch trick-or-treaters and in my imagination, I can see this causing a hilarity in someones home haunt!

Spirit never disappointments with their selection of indoor and outdoor Halloween decor. They specialize in the grotesque accents, but they also have classic and not-so-scary items which makes it appealing to all Halloween lovers.

I liked these vintage clown pathway lights! I would LOVE to own a clown that looked like these fellas in a full-size blow mold.

I love that you can buy creepy dolls lately. I’ve seen this trend in the past few years at retailers including Big Lots. If you have the time to create your own, head over to A Bewitching Guide to All Things Halloween for a tutorial on how to find a normal doll and give her a scary makeover.

I love all of the Trick’r Treat merchandise this year! It’s one of my favorite Halloween horror movies.

The collection of masks always impresses me. I especially love the vintage inspired Frankenstein, clown and devil mask. I would use those as actual art pieces!

I adore sloths and pugs but there’s something sinister about these creepy moving mouth masks….

I was delighted to see their collection of Hocus Pocus gifts, accessories, decor and more!  Hocus Pocus is truly a timeless and iconic Halloween film and I don’t see ever going out of style.

Same goes for the Nightmare Before Christmas. I believe my obsession with this film and it’s music is part of the reason why a love for Halloween is deeply ingrained in my existence.

I love the reproduction of the Christmas wreath from the movie! You can go ahead and snag that this fall and keep it out for the holidays OR you can make your own – check out my post where I created one!

They have a cute assortment of trick-or-treat totes, but I can see them used as an all-purpose tote for your Halloween life…

Looking for the perfect dishtowel for when you’re killing it in the kitchen? Spirit has got you covered.

I love this vintage style fleece blanket…I am yearning for cool fall nights to snuggle up with my terrifying throw blankets!

I thought that these flame-less flickering pumpkin candles were super cute! Perfect for a Halloween fireplace mantle display or centerpieces for your dining table.

Find a Spirit Halloween store close to you to see if they’re open so you can witness the Halloween season come to life!

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

NOTE: [Something I want to mention about Spirit Halloween is how much I appreciate their charitable giving initiative. I make a point to donate with every purchase to the Spirit of Children which brings fun and funding to local hospitals at Halloween and all year round by providing monetary donations, costumes, accessories, decorations, and so much more. Their mission is to make hospitals less scary for kids and their families through support of the Child Life department at partner hospitals in local communities. Donations made at Tulsa stores directly benefit the St. Francis Children’s Hospital.]

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