DIY Goodwill Thrifted Spooky Halloween Plant Paintings

Sometimes the best creepy Halloween decorations are the ones that you make! There’s nothing like celebrating the season by creating something that is eclectic that cannot be bought at a big box retailer.

While thrifting at Goodwill Tulsa, I found some great paintings that can easily transform into a creepy and charming scary accent for my Halloween display! I hope this idea inspires you to find something used and make it new again for the season.

It is so much fun to shop at Goodwill this season since their stores fully embrace Halloween! Although I found these two unique plant paintings in the regular home décor section of the store, do not miss a chance to peruse the Halloween Zone. It is FULL of new and used Halloween items, costumes, home décor and more. It’s basically the best time of year to visit Goodwill!

Plus, when you shop at Goodwill Tulsa you’re making a difference right here in the Tulsa community. They provide much more than affordable goods and jobs for individuals in their retail operation – they also help others in our community get a career! Goodwill Tulsa’s Job Connection service and program offers free services at two locations in Tulsa for people who are seeking a job. Job seekers gain access to a computer, reliable internet and one-on-one assistance with their Job Connection team members who help individuals recognize their talents and translate their experience onto a resume and into a future interview. Just last year, 787 jobs in the Tulsa community were filled thanks to Goodwill Tulsa’s assistance.

This season, try this fun DIY while also helping someone in the area find the career of their dreams! You can do this by simply shopping and supporting Goodwill Tulsa!

Now let’s dive into to how I transformed two pretty floral paintings from Goodwill into something straight out of Little Shop of Horrors:

I have always wanted to transform a painting into something sinister for the Halloween season – and thanks to my partnership with Goodwill Tulsa this season, I was able to finally tackle this DIY. As I searched the wall hangings and artwork at Goodwill Tulsa, I found these two perfect small sized canvases with pretty delicate flowers that will soon become possessed plant life!

I selected these two paintings because the white flowers could easily be painted over with acrylic paints to become a whole new scene of terror.

When I looked at the first canvas, I decided it would look best with creepy eyeballs and a scary jack-o-lantern inspired face on the pot.

To get started on the transformation, I pulled out my acrylic paints, paper towels, paintbrushes and a cup of water for cleaning my brushes between colors.

To ensure the transformation looked how I wanted it to, I began tracing the outline of the scary expression and details I wanted to fill in with paint.

I began to paint away! Since the painting was too pristine, I decided to give it a toxic green decaying accent all over.

To help with weathering and creating an old decayed look, I used a wadded up piece of paper towel to dab onto the painting. A cotton ball also works to create this effect!

Voila! Painting number one complete!

For my next piece, I had to transform the delicate petals into a mean venus fly-trap!

I followed the same technique and began tracing the outline of my characters.

I gave my flytraps some texture by stippling some spots on them with the end of my paintbrush.

My two terrifying plant paintings came out just as I had hoped!

If you’re looking for a fun and easy DIY this Halloween season, check out your local Goodwill store and see how you can transform a simple painting into something spooky for your Halloween display. This would be a great family activity too this season! See who can make the spookiest painting – have fun imagining and creating something chilling together.

Stay spooky friends,

Callie Jo

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