Halloween Shopping 2020: Goodwill Industries Tulsa

I’m so excited to be partnering with Goodwill Industries Tulsa this fall for a series of Halloween blog posts. Goodwill reached out to me to ask if I would showcase some of the awesome Halloween items they have in stock in their Halloween Zone along with some ideas on how you can get creative with thrifted items to celebrate Halloween 2020! I hope you’ll enjoy these posts and today’s first post – a little shopping adventure for “GOOD”!  

I know that there is a lot of reluctance to shop during a pandemic, and even more so when it comes to shopping for secondhand items (did you know that Goodwill Tulsa also stocks NEW Halloween costume accessories so you can build an entire look without going anywhere else?!) – but it’s important to know that Goodwill is committed to keeping shoppers and employees safe during this time by:

  • Ensuring all donated goods are quarantined for 24 hours before heading to a retail store
  • Sanitizing all used shopping carts before reuse
  • Employees complete a health assessment each day upon arriving to work and wear PPE
  • Disinfecting all high-touch surfaces every two hours per CDC guidelines

Goodwill Tulsa does require shoppers to wear a mask while perusing the store and to follow 6-foot social distance markers at check-out and to be mindful of keeping a safe distance from other individuals while in the store.

I have always been a fan of shopping at Goodwill and for their mission and impact they have in my community. I’m always looking for ways to save money and remain stylish, find cool unique home décor, or look for DIY inspirations – while at the same time, making a difference. Goodwill supplies all of that – and more! 

Here in the Tulsa area, when you donate to Goodwill you are providing jobs for over 500 individuals who receive, transport, process, sort and sell merchandise at 11 retail locations and who work in other departments. Just last year, donations here in my home city also kept more than 17 million of materials out of landfills in 2019! That is a HUGE impact on our environment! 

But some folks do not realize that Goodwill Tulsa is much more than a thrift store – Goodwill also helps people find jobs through education and training programs. Goodwill Tulsa reinvests profits right back into the community by offering education, job training, job placement and case management services to individuals with disabilities or those facing other challenges to employment. There were 367 jobs filled in the Tulsa community from the Goodwill TulsaWorks Career Academy just last year.

I think it is incredible that they provide career services to those experiencing Barriers to employment in Tulsa including: 

  • Disability
  • Insufficient education
  • Low-income and/or underemployment
  • Homelessness
  • Reentering the workforce

When you support and donate to Goodwill Tulsa you are making a difference in someone’s life! Your support through donating, shopping and investing in their mission helps to provide unimaginable opportunities! 

Now that you know a little bit about Goodwill Tulsa, keep on reading to go on a shopping adventure with me at their Southwest Boulevard store for some scary good deals!

Shopping in the Goodwill Halloween Zone is just like shopping in a Halloween costume and home goods shop – they have huge variety of new and used costumes, costume accessories and fun decorations and more!

It was almost overwhelming with how much they had in stock! I spent a long time perusing the section to decide what will be coming home with me to create some spooky good outfits and costumes.


Around the perimeter of the Halloween Zone, shoppers can find a spooky and fun array of new, affordable Halloween home décor accents and costume accessories. Imagine being able to purchase a complete costume this season without driving all over town?! That can be done at Goodwill Tulsa! In fact, I got THREE costumes to share with you soon!

I loved their pumpkin decorating kits! They have several carve-free options for a safe family pumpkin decorating party!

I snagged myself a wig and some face paint for a few looks I’m excited to share with you this season!


This fun sequin face art will make another appearance with a “look” I’m working on this Halloween.



If you’re looking for some second hand unique home décor, Goodwill has got you covered!

You never know what to expect or what you might find! Last fall, I found some NEW scarecrow lights from 1993 that are currently adorning my fireplace mantel.

This little spooky cutie came home with me! 

There are so many great used costumes available in all sizes from children’s to adults.

If you have a friend named Candace, she can be a candy corn! This dress cracked me up…

You’ve hit the thrift store jackpot when you can find 90’s themed cartoon sweatshirts. I feel like the world needs more Tweety bird! 

I love looking through all of the Halloween duds they have at Goodwill – and it’s so hard to turn them down because the price cannot be beat. 


I was surprised at the large selection of Halloween leggings they had in stock as well. It’s definitely a place to check out if they are on your must have list for Halloween 2020!

Goodwill gave me a gift card to bring this haul home with me and show you some fun outfits, ideas, and DIYs to celebrate Halloween 2020! Halloween may be different this year, but it is still my favorite time of year and always a season to be celebrated.

Keep an eye out for my future posts! In the meantime, stay spooky friends – and visit your local Goodwill for some chilling thrills and Halloween fun!

Callie Jo 

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