Halloween Shopping at Old Time Pottery

One of my favorite stores to shop for Halloween at is Old Time Pottery!!! Unfortunately, this retailer is only found in 11 states and mostly in the mid-west region of the U.S. If you have one near you – now’s the time to check them out. What I love most about OTP, is their vast selection of home decor at incredibly affordable prices. That helps to make shopping for Halloween guilt-free!

The icing on top, is that they begin stocking the shelves with spook as soon as the Fourth of July is over! Retailers that cater to Halloween lovers in the summer months are the best kind of stores! Keep on scrolling if you’d like to virtually shop the shelves of my Tulsa, OK location.

I am really digging the silver cats and owls on this aisle end cap!

They have quite a variety of skeleton decor to please your very own interior decorating in a macabre style.

These terracotta planters/lanterns above were my favorite find this season. They pop with their bright colors and emotive expressions…I’m thinking my front porch would be incomplete without the entire trio of scary characters this fall.

This faux stack of books reminded me of the 90s with the throwback florescent colors – I hope to see more decor schemes using these hues!

Are YOU already shopping for Halloween goodies?! What has been your favorite store to find Halloween at this year?

Stay spooky friends,

Callie Jo

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