At Home Halloween 2019 Sneak Peak!

It’s officially five months until the best day ever – Halloween! At Home is making all Halloween obsessed folks happy lately by stocking Halloween decor early – well before all other retailers and just in time to help us Halloween heads have something to look forward to during the sweltering summer months.

I ventured over to my local At Home this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised to find several aisles full of Halloween joy. My absolute favorite find are these positively ghoulish skeleton gnomes. I collect gnomes, and once I saw these little guys I knew my collection would not be complete without them.

Keep reading if you’d like to see some snapshots of what you might be seeing at your local At Home store soon! Happy Haunting!

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Haunt the Halls: A Bewitching Entry

bewitching entry 1 edit with social

I couldn’t help myself – I went ahead and added some bewitching touches to the entryway of my house. I wanted to share what it looks like if you’re looking for some decorating inspirations for your little entry as well.

Earlier this week I picked up a witch broom at the Dollar Tree. I was not sure what I would use it for initially when I bought it, but today I found the perfect use for them – I placed them in a little fall arrangement in the large vases I have on the floor next to my front door.

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At Home Haunted Sighting and Others



Greetings my goblins and ghouls!

If you’ve not heard – At Home stores are now stocking Halloween items. I picked up a few this week. The rugs are $4.99 and are soft enough to be used indoors. I plan to use one in front of my kitchen sink and the other in the foyer in front of the door. I couldn’t resist the sign either, it was all too fitting.

Kirkland’s is starting to roll out their fall collection this month AND you can get a head start on decking your halls with shrieks and eeks by checking out