Haunt the Halls: A Bewitching Entry

bewitching entry 1 edit with social

I couldn’t help myself – I went ahead and added some bewitching touches to the entryway of my house. I wanted to share what it looks like if you’re looking for some decorating inspirations for your little entry as well.

Earlier this week I picked up a witch broom at the Dollar Tree. I was not sure what I would use it for initially when I bought it, but today I found the perfect use for them – I placed them in a little fall arrangement in the large vases I have on the floor next to my front door.

I got started on this area early because I pressure washed the front porch and water leaked under the door sweep (buying a new storm door is on my list!) and completely saturated my previous rug that was there (it’s was basic grey rug).  I have been holding on to my festive witch rug that I got back in June from At Home and since I needed to throw the old rug in the wash, it was truly destined that I bring out the Halloween rug!

I used the large orange vases during my wedding five years ago. They are the perfect color for the season, plus they have a large enough opening to create a floral arrangement with the brooms. I picked up the “Beware” sign, brooms and floral stems all from the Dollar Tree (you’ll see that’s a trend with me because I love decorating on a budget!).

You can make your own spooky wreath pictured at the top of this post by visiting my past blog post that includes all the steps on how to make it!

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