The “Spooky One” First Birthday Decorations

My youngest turned one on September 8! It may be 53 days away from Halloween, but that didn’t stop us from creating a spooky one birthday!

I created my own banner and cake topper and did a little backyard “pumpkin pie” smash photo shoot as well. I hope these early memories will inspire my baby bat to love Halloween like his momma.

Keep reading to see how I made my own decorations.

I stocked up on discount Halloween ribbon on November 1 last year at Michaels. It’s a great time to get a haul for less on all your Halloween needs!

I used some of that ribbon to string onto a larger ribbon to create my “Spooky One” banner.

I simply cut the length of ribbon needed, folded it in half, and used a dot of hot glue to keep my loop in place. I did this because the ribbon I was using had wire which made it a bit bulky to tie, however if you have soft edged ribbon, tying a bunch along your main ribbon would look super cute.

I repeated these steps on each section of ribbon, it I also tied some mesh tubing from the Dollar Tree that I had leftover from making sensory bins around it as well.

I cut some ribbon strips shorter to spell out the word “one” and free handed some eerie letters using acrylic paint.

This was a total rushed craft because both kids were napping and I needed to get it done and cleaned up before they found my craft supplies…LOL.

I was pretty proud of how it turned out!

Next I needed to create the cake topper.

For this project I got glued wooden ghost ornaments together along with a spooky witches hat.

After the glue dried, I painted them with acrylic paint and luckily found my letter stencils.

I free handed the word “spooky” with a paint pen since my stencils were too big for the hat. Paint pens are wonderful though…I could’ve used them for all my lettering but I currently only possess one in the color gold.

Once the paint dried, I simply adhered a thick stick to the back with hot glue (hot glue is also wonderful for the quick crafter in me…haha).

I made a pumpkin spice cake for my sons special day and also some mini pumpkin pies for a photo shoot I staged. We had a week full of pumpkin goodies and it was just the thing we needed to add some fall essence to these warm September days.

My banner took a beating toward the end of our celebrating due to all of the excitement but overall, we had a wonderful spOoooooky one and I’m anxious to see what curious and crazy things are in store in my haunted home with TWO toddlers now.

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

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