DIY Goodwill Halloween Costumes

Are you planning to dress up with your family for Halloween this year? Even though this Halloween will be socially distant, there are still fun ways you can dress up and host a FaceTime or Zoom party with your family and friends and share your costumes with one another. This fall, I challenge you to try a fun virtual Halloween costume contest with your friends – head to your local Goodwill and thrift a look to surprise your friends with on Halloween night! You can even plan a fun Halloween photo shoot with your family in your own home with your costumes on to commemorate all hallows eve! 

This fall, Goodwill Tulsa asked me to visit their retail store, including their Halloween Zone to show you how you can create some fun and easy Halloween costumes this season. Plus, did you know when you shop at Goodwill Tulsa your purchases help provide training and job placement services to people who have challenges in finding work. Shopping at Goodwill Tulsa also has a direct impact on people, the community and the environment.

Check out the Goodwill Tulsa website to see what you can expect from them to ensure your shopping experience is safe this season, along with details on their upcoming sales and specials!

I am so excited to share with you the three Halloween costumes I created from both new and used items all found at Goodwill Tulsa for my son and I! Keep reading for some frightfully fun costume inspirations: 

COSTUME #1: Modern Hipster Vampire and Baby Bat

The first costume I created is a “modern hipster” vampire. It started from this ultra soft screen tee I found that says “Vampires Suck”. I thought it was funny and ironic enough for a super hip modern day Vamp to wear. I paired it with a pair of plaid high-waisted trousers and new vampire cape which can be found in the Goodwill Halloween Zone section.

I was even able to purchase some face painting at Goodwill Tulsa to draw on some vampire fangs. 

For my vampire face, I made my lips black and cold and drew some fangs in the corners. Simple, easy and SPOOKY.

What is a vampire family without a baby bat?! Sweet little Felix was a good sport letting his crazy Halloween loving mom dress him up.

COSTUME #2: Witchy Woman and a Black Cat Familiar

This costume was inspired by the ethereal Stevie Nicks and her witchy woman vibes. I tried to channel my inner gold dust woman with this look by thrifting a shiny gold top and a black chiffon skirt and layering it with a black lace cape, scarves, and jewels. I found a fun witch wig in the Halloween Zone along with some cat ear headbands to make Felix my little familiar cat.

I found some fun stick on face jewels and gems in the Halloween Zone to fully embrace this gypsy-esque witch look!

COSTUME #3: Scarecrow and a Pumpkin

Everyone loves a scarecrow and a baby pumpkin! This costume is so easy and simple – it just takes a plaid button-down top, denim overalls and a pumpkin costume (don’t forget, Goodwill has secondhand baby costumes!!! That is where I found this cute little get-up).  I used the same face painting kit to draw on some scarecrow stitches and patches on my face that I used to become a vampire.

Now you’re ready to keep those crows outta the pumpkin patch! I’m bias but I certainly think my little pumpkin is the best part about this thrifted costume – and he’s the cutest pumpkin in the patch!

I hope you enjoyed these fun thrifted costumes! I had a fun time dressing up and putting them together. Nothing sparks that Halloween spirit like a good costume.

Go ahead and see what you can create from Goodwill thrifted items, attire and accessories from their Halloween Zone this season!

Stay spooky friends,

Callie Jo

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