Halloween Shopping 2020: At Home


It’s only fitting that we’d kick off Halloween shopping season with “At Home” stores because we’ve literally all been at home for the majority of 2020. But there’s nothing like feeling a bit of normalcy by seeing Halloween hit the shelves in the Summer as the official ringing in of the Halloween shopping season. 

I decided to check out what my local Tulsa, OK location had on my lunch break last week with my trusty facemask and hand sanitizer in tow. 

There was just a smattering of decor spooking the shelves, but it was just enough to send my Halloween heart aflutter and that all too familiar yearning for Fall! 

Take a stroll down the aisles with me in the photos below!


I knew Halloween was near when the first aisle end cap I saw was decked out with blown glass pumpkins and an ominous “Beware” sign…





I really love their colorful yard stakes this year! I am running out of room inside my house to decorate so I may return to stock up on these cheerful explosive yard decorations. They remind me of a Halloween firework – maybe that’s why they’re available right before July 4th?! 






This year, At Home has a collection called “Cool Cats” which is all mid-century modern inspired. I know it is going to be a favorite theme amongst all Halloween enthusiasts!




Well, Michael’s better turn up the vintage vibes this year because At Home just stole its thunder by introducing a replica of their infamous vintage ceramic Halloween tree at a fraction of the cost.

Thee trees are battery operates, so they’re fairly dim, but at $19.99 I can live with a dim tree!



They also have quite the selection of elegant and gothic-inspired decor in rich fall colors that could be a decor staple in the home all year.












I LOVE these fuzzy pumpkins! As a soon-to-be new mom, I keep thinking I need a couple of these as a sensory-rich experience for my own little pumpkin to encounter.















I hope that you enjoyed taking a look at what’s in store this year – and I’ll update this post with more images when I return again to get my much needed mid-Summer Halloween fix! 

Stay spooky,
Callie Jo

One thought on “Halloween Shopping 2020: At Home

  1. eeeek!! *dives head-first into Halloween decor*
    Thank you for the photos! They made my morning.
    (Glad to hear you’re using your facemask and hand sanitizer – stay safe out there!!)


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