DIY Quarantine-o-ween Costumes

Happy Quarantine-O-Ween! The first of it’s kind where the online Halloween community decided to make the best of being stuck at home by having another Halloween. Let’s scare the pants off this virus!!!

I plan to watch a scary flick, work on a Halloween project and MAYBE even bust open a bag of candy corn to nosh on with some peanuts (my favorite!).

If you will be celebrating Quarantine-O-Ween, be sure to tag your photos #quarantineoween so we can all celebrate together and enjoy a taste of October during March.

I wanted to put together a fun and quick list of some costumes that are on trend with the times and can be pulled right out of your own closet. Keep reading to see FOUR different costume ideas you could be wearing for Quarantine-O-Ween 2020! 

Hey There All You Cool Cats and Kittens, It’s Carole Baskin


Who knew that the nation would come together over Joe Exotic, the Tiger King during this crazy time. And yes, I am a native Oklahoma but I live in the Northeastern part of Oklahoma and not the Southern part where Joe’s infamous zoo is located. I do actually recall him running for governor quite vividly! I never got to pet his tigers though…I digress….


With the insane popularity of this docuseries, it makes sense to pay homage to the real yet almost unbelievable characters that are entertaining us during these isolating times.

First up, Carole Baskin, the owner of Florida’s Big Cat Resuce. If you want to sport this outfit you’ll need nothing but animal print from top to bottom and a floral headband or a simple flower behind your ear. Don’t forget your stuffed kitty companion as well! 

I’m Outspoken, Good Looking, Love to Party and Have Fun – Joe Exotic

Just as easy as it is to become Joe’s nemesis for Quarantine-O-Ween, it’s even more fun and easy to be the Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic.

For this look, all you need are some boots, jeans, a button up animal print or country-esque top and a ball cap. If you already have a mullet, you officially win this costume.

I used a little brown eye shadow to make his signature fu manchu stache and now I’m basically unrecognizable!

Don’t be surprised if you have a sudden thick southern drawl, urge to eat expired Walmart meat or need to shoot a firearm after putting on this get up. 

Perfect Pregnant Lady Costume –  Juno MacGuff

Since I’m 19 weeks prego, it makes sense to put together at least one pregnant themed outfit – and the easiest one to pull out of my closet was Juno!

This simple costume just needs a striped tee, a zip up hoodie, jeans and a skirt pulled up over the jeans for Juno’s quirky pregnant teen look. 

Classic Fall Costume – Scarecrow

My favorite classic costume that is easy to create at home is a scarecrow! For this costume I layered my favorite overalls over a plaid shirt, added a woven hat and did a quick makeup job.

You don’t even need fancy face makeup to be a scarecrow. I used a black eyeliner pencil to draw on my mouth stitches and my nose. I then dabbed some colored eye shadow on my nose to fill in the nose patch (close up below):

There you have it, some easy and quick costumes that can be created in the safe comfort of your home!

I hope some of these costumes brought a smile to your face. I had a blast coming up with them – especially when I came out my bedroom looking like Joe Exotic (my husband thought I lost my marbles). 

For more Quarantine-O-Ween fun, be sure to join the official event on Facebook hosted by the Spooky Bitches of Lubbock. They plan to have live videos, different activities and giveaways all day on March 31 to make it truly feel like Halloween is in the air!

Also check out this list of spooktacular and thrilling Halloween movies, reads and more that Sarah over at the Spooky Vegan has shared for Quarantine-O-Ween.

I hope you’ll plan to celebrate today!  Happy Quarantine-O-Ween!!! 

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo 

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