Becoming Fiona Applesauce from Bob’s Burgers

I love Bob’s Burgers on Fox! It’s always been one of my favorite shows and the humor is always spot on. I love it so much so,  that I decided I had to copy Gene Belcher’s Halloween costume he made this year.

In the Halloween episode, season 10, episode 4 (aired on Oct. 20, 2019), the Belcher kids line up and show off their costumes and I lost it when Gene presented himself as “Fiona Applesauce – Fiona Apple’s saucy aunt.”

I was surprised at the end of the recent episode because it actually features Fiona Apple singing the closing credits. Check out this Pitchfork article to see a photo of Gene’s Fiona Applesauce costume I was inspired to create and to learn more about Fiona apple’s special song for the Halloween episode.

I adore Fiona Apple’s music, so I knew I would equally love being her saucy aunt for Halloween.

If you want to see how I become Fiona Applesauce, keep on reading!

The materials were things I could find around the house and create within a day – which is nice because it has been a busy Halloween season and making a costume in a day or less is a treat.

I started with some cardboard and applesauce colored spray paint!

The box I acquired from my office already gave off the appearance of an applesauce jar. I simply trimmed it up to be more jar-like.

Once I had something that looked like a jar it was time to spray paint.

After the paint dried, I used the episode as a reference for the color paint I needed which turned out to be light green and white. I had some acrylic paint in my craft drawer for this, but I usually grab the 50 cent bottle at Walmart when I run out.

I painted a green lid and white label – oh so saucy.

I made some holes and tied some ribbon to make straps on my cardboard applesauce jar and  – voila, just like that I reached maximum sauciness.

Unfortunately, Walmart didn’t have a brown wig, so Fiona Applesauce is a red head in my universe.

I just threw the sauce jar over my sweats, because I feel like that’s an appropriate saucy aunt look.

And that is how I became Fiona Applesauce for Halloween 2019!

Stay spooky and SAUCY!

-Callie Jo


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