Becoming Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls

The bad news I got this fall was that my braces will have to stay on a little longer than I had anticipated – but the good news is that I can pull off a Mabel Pines costume this fall without any problem!

Mabel is the brace-faced twin sister to Dipper Pines on the Disney series, Gravity Falls.  I love the paranormal and supernatural adventures that ensue during Mabel and Dipper’s visits with their Great Uncle (Grunkle) Stan. They also help to run his tourist trap “Mystery Shack” – with a plot line like this you know that it is full of spooky fun for all ages (my all-time favorite episode is “Summerween!”).

Keep reading to see how I decided to make the most of having adult braces during Halloween by becoming Mabel Pines!

The costume was quite inexpensive and easy to put together myself. Since I am not a sewer, I opted to use hot glue and felt pieces to create her iconic sweater.

After tirelessly searching through Walmart for a hot pink sweatshirt, I FINALLY found ONE crumpled up on a shelf for $8 (and it is ginormous and not my size but her classic look is over-sized so I knew it would do just fine).

I got a stack of different colored felt in the craft aisle for a few bucks as well and also found a pack of headbands that had a hot pink one in the mix.

I traced my felt designs with sharpie and cut them out with terribly dull fabric scissors (I should have followed my mom’s directions in life by NEVER cutting anything but fabric with the designated fabric scissors). Don’t be like me folks – respect your fabric scissors and they’ll in return respect what you’re making.

Given the condition of my scissors, my cuts were not as clean as I anticipated BUT it still worked.

I simply hot glued my stars and rainbow stripes directly onto the sweater and just like that, I was Mabel!

I already had a purple skirt I thrifted many moons ago that I paired with the sweater (check out your local thrift stores for lots of great Halloween costume ideas and options!).

Thank you to Walmart and my orthodontist for helping me pull off becoming Mabel Pines for Halloween 2019!

I hope you’re having a fun time creating your very own Halloween costume this year, and if you’re rocking braces this season, I hope you feel inspired to be Mabel too.

Happy Halloween Eve-Eve!

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

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