Ghoulish Halloween Rice Cereal Treats

I love making sweets! Especially Halloween inspired sweets!

Since it’s still too toasty outside to bake in the oven,  I chose to get in the Halloween spirit by making a sweet treat using the stove top instead.

The grocery store aisles are becoming fully stocked with Halloween candy and baking goods and I felt inspired to create something ghoulish…so I added a bit of Halloween magic to a basic rice cereal treat recipe to create ghoulish rice cereal treats instead.

Want to make a no fuss festive snack without turning the oven on? Keep on reading!


  • 6 cups rice cereal
  • 1 10oz bag of mini marshmallows
  • 3 1/2 tables spoons of butter
  • Half a bag of chocolate chips
  • Ghoul’s Mix M&M’s
  • Halloween sprinkles

In a large quart sized sauce pan, begin melting your butter on medium-high heat.

Once the butter is mostly melted, add in the entire 10oz bag of mini mallows.

Stir continuously (I prefer using a rubber spatula so that the mallows don’t get to sticky) over medium high heat until smooth.

Once the mallows are nice and creamy smooth, go ahead and gradually add in all 6 cups of rice cereal. Stir while combining to be sure everything gets evenly coated in marshmallow.

When everything is coated and the temperature has cooled slightly, start sprinkling in your sprinkles! (the amount you want to use is up to you – I honestly eyeballed it. You don’t want to pour the whole bottle in there unless you really love the taste of sprinkles…).

I only used about half the bag of M&M’s as well. You want to be careful that the mixture has cooled slightly before adding the M&M’s and be careful not to over mix as to not melt or crush the candies.

In a well buttered 9×13 pan, start pouring and flattening out the mixture to make your bars. I use a buttered spatula to spread out and press down my mixture – or a buttered serving spoon could also do the trick!

Let the rice cereal treats cool while to mix up a nice chocolate drizzle! I melted dark chocolate chips with a pat of butter to help thin it out but any coating chocolate should do the trick.  You could even do a white chocolate and use some food coloring to make it orange, green or purple – or why not all three?!

Once melted, I used a wooden mixing spoon to dip in the chocolate and hold above my treats and drizzled generously.

I topped the drizzle with some extra spooky sprinkles and M&M’s of course – so don’t use them all up in the mixture!

Pop the treats in the fridge for a bit to help the chocolate harden and then slice up your bars and serve.

I can’t wait to make these again for some spooky potlucks and gatherings this fall. Plus, they’re quite easy, simple and quick to make which is always a welcomed bonus!

Stay spooky and SWEET,

Callie Jo

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