DIY No Sew Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

I LOVE simple, easy and inexpensive Halloween crafts. When I saw these toilet paper fabric pumpkins sprouting up on Pinterest I knew I had to give them a try because it screamed simple, easy and inexpensive!

I also  am *sadly* not much of a sewer. I attempted to sew in the past in my high school home economics class which resulted in my teacher always having to re-do my work for me. Maybe some day I’ll try again, but for now I’ll enjoy the no sew lifestyle.

Is it simply too hot to go to the pumpkin patch? It sure is here in Oklahoma! Fear not Halloween friends, these pumpkins will not spoil in the heat and are MOSTLY all weather permitting. Enjoy pumpkins year-round and keep reading for steps to make the most durable gourd of all!

For this craft you will need the following supplies:

  • Fabric scissors
  • A fat quarter (18″x22″) of fabric (I got my spooky patterned fabric at Joann’s!)
  • Toilet paper roll (I got a four pack from the Dollar Tree)
  • A plastic grocery sack
  • Leftover silk leaves from faux floral stems (this can also be purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • A stick or wood chip

Now it’s time to make some of the cutest pumpkins in the patch! You’ll first want to go ahead and pop the toilet paper roll in your plastic grocery sack.

Go ahead and stuff the top part of the plastic bag into the hole of toilet paper roll. It should start to make the shape of a pumpkin and will puff out giving it a rounded appearance.

Once the bag is tucked in and your pumpkin is the shape you like, place the roll in the middle of your fat quarter of fabric and pull one corner at a time into the toilet paper roll and stuff it in.

As you stuff and tuck, you can play with the fabric a bit to shape it up!

You’ll need a stem for your gorgeous gourd, so I went outside and found these little sticks that make perfect pumpkin stems. You could alternatively pull a chip of mulch out of your flower bed which also makes a nice stumpy stem.

Poke your stem and a small sprig of silk leaves right into the center. For an extra secure hold, you can place dollop of hot glue down in the roll to secure your stem and leaves.

Voila! You just need to repeat these steps to make multiple pumpkins for you patch if desired!

I love this project because you can use ANY fabric to fit your style. You can also make some fall inspired gourds with plaid fabric or a solid color for your Thanksgiving center piece if you’re planning ahead.

They’re so cute and whimsical! I gave mine a place of honor next to my kingdom of sweet vinyl tunes!

These pumpkins ROCK!

I hope you feel inspired to make some simple and easy fabric pumpkins to add some Halloween cheer to your home.

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

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