DIY Valloween Wreath

valloween wreath blog

The time of year where love is in the air is fast approaching – but who says that love can’t be a little scary? For those of us who live with Halloween in our heads and hearts all year, we take this holiday and add in some spooky flair and we celebrate VALLOWEEN!

I’m excited to share some fun Valloween ideas, crafts and treats with you in the coming weeks and wanted to kick off the festivities with some DIY Valloween home decor – the perfect Valloween wreath!

Keep reading for inspiration and to see how I made mine:

I found this perfect heart shaped wreath wire frame at my local Dollar Tree and grabbed some black ribbon from Michael’s (including a patterned spool with some skull and cross bone action on it!). I thought the variety of different sized ribbon would give my wreath a lot of texture, but you can use all the same size ribbon depending on the look you’d like to achieve.

I cut the ribbon into different size strips and simply tied them to the wire frame to produce a fringed look.

I found some of my left over craft supplies from my DIY mesh Halloween wreath and attached them to add some color, like the little glittery “eek” ornament seen below.

I also had some black roses with eyeballs in them from my sister-in-law’s Halloween themed wedding shower I attached. I felt like it made sense because roses and valentines are the perfect combination and black roses with eyeballs marry so well with Valloween!

I hope this little project inspired your spooky spirit to create something creepily heartfelt for your home this Valloween!

If you need some more inspiration, I encourage you to check out my friend, Spooky Little Halloween’s blog post on eight ways to decorate for Valloween!

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