DIY Valloween Cards

Nothing says “love” like a handmade spooky Valentine to celebrate Valloween! I’ve been working on making some Vallow-tines and wanted to share the doodles and phrases with you in case you are looking for some inspiration for spreading some scary good love to your friends and family!

Making homemade valentines is super nostalgic to me. It brings me back to my grade school days when we would make homemade shoe box sculptures to hold all of our paper valentines. I’ll never forget the one my parents helped me build that looked like a red Razor scooter. Those scooters were all the rage…and I think they’re making a comeback!

Keep reading to see photos of some of the Vallow-tines I’ve made:

Most of the supplies I’ve been using came from the Dollar Tree. I picked up red, black and white poster board, some V-day stickers, decorative tape, and some heart shaped doilies. I had left over Halloween stickers, glue sticks and permanent markers to assemble ad add final touches. But the final ingredients only you can provide – which is your imagination and love! (That last sentence was so cheesy it is slightly terrifying).

3 thoughts on “DIY Valloween Cards

  1. So cute! I’m loving the little phrases. Especially the “ghosts are white” over “roses are red” poem. I’m in total admiration of your creativity. You wouldn’t happen to have one tucked away about spiders, would you?

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