Spooky Good Style: Creepy and Curious Charms

Staying in the Halloween spirit isn’t difficult when you can add a hint of spookiness to your ensemble with curious charms and jewelry. I’ve obtained my favorite jewelry online and I’ll share links below – but do not forget to hit up your local antique stores, oddity shops, and curiosity expos for some uniquely eerie accessories.

I’d like to share with you below some of my favorite creepy necklaces from my collection below:

One of my favorite long necklaces I wear year-round is this bronze skull with a flowery filigree pattern on the pendant. I snagged it on Wish for a dollar or two a few years ago and the price fluctuates often. There always seems to be other sellers selling the same necklace as well. I once was fiddling with the pendant and got my fingers stuck in the skeleton’s eye holes…so fidgeters, beware!

I have received so many compliments on my anatomically correct heart necklace – as I wear this one the most! It’s perfect for layering multiple necklaces with! It’s also a great charm to sport this Valentines day. I found this one on Wish as well – but through a simple Google search, you can find multiple versions and a variety from all sorts of sellers and creators on Etsy and beyond.

I adore this jolly jack-o-lantern from GhoulBabe I got this fall. GhoulBabe released several styles of these stone necklaces as a special release. They do not appear to be available right now – but they have a TON of amazing styles available throughout the year to inspire your spooky sense of style.

Get your creep on with a warm embrace from some skelly fingers wrapped around your neck!  This short necklace was another bargain from Wish. The downside to ordering from Wish are the long shipping times, so if you order this month, you can rest assured you’ll be rocking these gems by Halloween time, but patience is a must. Many of the styles found on Wish are also on Amazon at a higher cost.

Last but not least, the essential planchette necklace! Summon up some strange style and compliments with this charm!

Do you like to wear spooky jewelry throughout the year? I’d love to know what your favorite accessories are that bring your scary spirit joy 365 days a year and where you like to find them!


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