Happy New Year!

And just like that it’s 2019! I am so excited for the highs and lows and adventure that awaits this year. Most importantly, I’m ready to countdown to another Halloween with you!

I started this blog only six months ago, and I have made such wonderful friends here. I wish everyone and their family a warm, happy and healthy 2019!

In true Halloween spirit, I wanted to do something festive to kick off a great year while staying true to my unusual nature. That meant, I needed to carve the first pumpkin of 2019 – a New Year’s gourd.

I admit, I have not had the heart to throw away the pumpkins on my front porch. Here in Oklahoma, the weather is fairly mild, meaning my gourds have been well preserved past their expected Oct. 31 expiration date.

I did choose to carve one on a day that would not live to see temperatures past freezing. I have since learned that frozen pumpkin guts numb your hands – but it does help to lessen the smell of the squash which is a bonus.

As you can see, my amateur carving skills have not improved and I accidentally took a chunk out between the “2” and the “0” that is not reassembled with toothpicks.

I hope your New Year’s Day has also started with a little flame as well – whatever that flame is, I hope you pursue it, nurture it and share it with the world. Your talents, passions, gifts, ideas, and your true spirit is a gift this year and every year.

This a simple post to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now let’s be spooky and weird!

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