Spooks & Shoes: 6

If I see someone wearing an awesome pair of shoes – I have no problem inquiring about where those beautiful feet coverings came from.  That is how I discovered these fantastic cutout flat Wenda booties from Target!

I am so obsessed with these booties that I am trying to talk myself out of ordering a few more pairs in other colors – I have a serious shoe hoarding problem.

I went with the light tan color because I already have lots of shoes and boots in a cognac color but not too many in a lighter shade.

In this look, I’ve paired it with a delightful fall floral peplum blouse I found at Walmart last month. Walmart’s new Time and Tru line fits so well and is quite comfortable.

It’s going to be hard to wear another pair of shoes for the next couple of weeks because I’ve already envisioned several outfits I’m dying to create with these shoes.

I love how it can be dressy and casual, and I am always needing shoes like that for work and for going out! Thank you, Target for delivering on this new outfit staple of mine.

And now for something SPOOKY...

This weekend I decided to watch Ari Aster’s “Hereditary”, and at first while I was watching, I didn’t think it was scary at all – disturbing if anything. What was incredible, is as this film progressed, the scare factor built and the last ten to fifteen minutes of the film had me screaming and my heart racing more that I expected it to.  I honestly have not been that terrified of a film in awhile. If you want a psychological and horrifying thrill, I recommend this movie for you.

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