1986 McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal Pails: Estate Sale Find

This Friday I went to an estate sale that had a surprisingly good assortment of Halloween goodies. I ended up going home with a Better Homes and Gardens Halloween Idea book that was published in 2000 for a few bucks and these delightfully “vintage” (I don’t know if 1986 is technically considered vintage yet…) McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal pails.

The date on the bottom of them says 1986, but after watching a couple of old McDonald’s (not to be confused with his farm) commercials on YouTube, it seems the styles I picked up might have been a part of the 1990 Halloween promotion. The campaign did begin in 1986, and the orange one I got looks like the McPumpkin, however it is missing the block lettering with his name on the back. I’d love to see McDonald’s do this again sometime (looks like they did try to bring back the pails briefly in 2011). I’m still trying to determine if I’ll put some battery powered string lights in mine to make them glow as decor around the house this season, fill them with candy OR use them as festive planter for my mums. They do have tiny slits on the top lids that would also present itself as the perfect container for some spicy fall potpourri.

I snagged these cuties for $0.37 each! Talk about a bargain!

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