Salem: The Food and Libations

As mentioned in my previous Salem post, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to grab a bite or a drink in Witch City! I clearly was incredibly hungry during my trip (I blame it on all the walking) because I seem to have failed to photograph any of the food I ate, however, if I’m writing about it here – it was definitely good for me to be able to remember it!

If you’re in Salem be sure to check these places out:

Notch Brewing


Notch was so much fun! After a long day of sight seeing and lots of walking, the best way to replenish calories is through a craft beer! They have a large taproom and outdoor space to sip and visit with friends. The Bavarian Radler was my favorite!

Far From the Tree


I had never been to a “cidery” until visiting Salem! Far From the Tree is the perfect late fall destination with unexpected flavor pairings and aromas. Cider is one of my favorite alcoholic beverages in the fall – but at Far From the Tree they venture beyond apple and add fun flavors like Jalapeno for example to give your taste buds an unforgettable sensation. My husband loved the spicy cider – the rest of my friends and I thought it was more of an acquired taste though. I loved their outdoor space as well. It was so inviting and fun on a cool fall night.

Ugly Mug Diner


You have to get breakfast at the Ugly Mug if you’re in Salem! They were very busy when we arrived, as it seems that this is the popular spot for the locals and visitors alike, and had to wait a bit, but it was so worth it! The staff is so friendly, the diner is super kitschy and eclectic – and all your caffeinated beverages come in an ugly mug. I had an amazing omelette and breakfast potatoes that were DIVINE! Breakfast is my favorite meal, and they delivered quite a filling and delicious breakfast with a trendy, alternative diner vibe!


If you’re craving Asian cuisine, check out out Kokeshi! One of my friends we were travelling with is from Japan, so we thought we’d check this place out to give her a taste of home. My husband swears that the poke bowl he had was one of the best ones he has ever consumed. I went with a vegetable ramen style soup which was a delightful bit of comfort for my soul given the cool early November temperatures that filled the air.  Very delicious!

Red’s Sandwich Shop

Red’s reminded me of my favorite breakfast diner in my hometown! It’s a great little breakfast/brunch stop that is also very affordable. I had a tasy cup of soup and a chicken sandwich that made me feel right at home in this cozy lil spot!

Passage to India

We ate lunch here on Halloween in Salem last year. I usually don’t crave or think about Indian food as an option because where I live, I’ve yet to discover an Indian food place I like. But this place – blew my mind!!! Our friends who we traveled with tried this place during one of their travels to Salem in the past and recommended it. I’m so glad they did! They make delicious homemade naan bread In a variety of flavors along with super filling and flavorful dishes. We all tried a bit of each others plates and were in Indian food heaven!

Flying Saucer Pizza Co.

For some reason pizza always sounds good for dinner on Halloween night! We gave into this craving d and indulged in some gourmet pizza at Flying Saucer on Halloween night in Salem. The Nick Fury pizza was a real surprise – it was the first time I ever had macaroni and cheese on a pizza. It’s a lot of fun to go with a group and try several different pies. I also love that they offered vegetarian and vegan options too. I give it two thumbs up!

Gulu Gulu Cafe

We stopped in to Gulu Gulu for some drinks and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and whoever chose the playlist of music that night. They offer a large variety of craft beers and non-alcoholic beverages, teas and more. They also offer some lighter food options like soups, salads and sandwiches. Next time I’m in Salem, I’ll try a bite of their food! I absolutely love the name of this cafe. Our waitress mentioned it was name after a place in Prague where the owners met – how adorable is that?! It was a simply charming place to enjoy good conversation and drinks!

I hope some of my travel tales will help you plan your trip to Salem!

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