Halloween Shopping 2020: Walgreens

I was working on this post the day before my son arrived! I had planned to get it posted on his birthday – but that day had much more exciting plans! I’ll share our birth story in a different post. 

I found myself visiting Walgreens to pick up photos for my son’s baby book that I was working on. I was pleasantly surprised to find Halloween on the shelves in early August during this quick visit that ultimately turned into a visit that required lots of Halloween candy that would accompany me home.

Although the display was sparse and shared an aisle with back-to-school supplies, it still was magical and full of fright! Keep scrolling to see their collection this year (which includes exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas items just for Walgreens!).

 I love these Squishmallows!


Nothing like an animatronic cartoon Freddy to haunt your dreams…



















That’s all the Halloween hunting I have done for now – I’ve been at home adjusting to sleepless nights and days with my little one. I hope he’ll let me venture out to see the 2020 collection at Michael’s soon. I have a feeling my husband will let me take a few hours some weekend soon to hunt for more Halloween things!

Until next time – stay spooky my friends!

Callie Jo

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