Mask Up for Halloween Shopping 2020

Halloween shopping season 2020 is already a bit strange and unusual. If you ever wanted to enjoy the joy of the Halloween shopping season with real-life horror movie vibes, 2020 is the year that gave us just that.

I hope everyone is enjoying safe outings to their favorite retailers such at At Home, Old Time Pottery, JoAnn Fabric and Michael’s – all of which have already started spooking their shelves! There’s also safest Halloween shopping experience for all this year, which is shopping from your home on your phone or computer online (Target has already launched their line digitally!).

If you choose to go out to shop during this pandemic, I strongly encourage you to acquire a spooky Halloween face mask. Luckily, there are so many talented seamstresses, sewers, and designers out there that have created the perfect Halloween face masks for your spooky style.

Check out some of my favorite ones you can order online before you venture out to ’tis the season with spookiness!

I completely devour Halloween content on Instagram – as I’m sure you do too if you’re a fellow Halloween lover like myself. Fall and Halloween images, crafts, style and ideas fuel my soul during these sweltering summer months as a reminder that things DO get better in the fall (a reminder that is much needed most days lately). I found some of these incredible masks and mask makers on the Gram that I want to share with you:

  1. The Queen of Creepy
    Alexandra Von Frankenstein’s Etsy shop Queen of Creepy is frequently stocked and full of ghastly fun designs at reasonable prices. She frequently updates her Instagram when new mask designs are available so you can grow your collection often.

2. GothicBetties

Tany, the creator and shop owner over at GothicBetties has a great variety of spooktacular masks in lots of bold colors and vintage inspired prints.

3. Autumn Ghosty

Carrie has her shop full of both fall themed and Halloween themed handmade masks that are sure to make this pandemic shopping season a scary success! Check out her designs at Autumn Ghosty on Etsy!

4. Em & Sprout

I’ve been a long-time follower and supporter of Lindsay and her super adorable Halloween designs. I snagged her “Halloween Fun” design on Threadless as my first spooky mask for the shopping season (plus it matches the sweatshirt I own from her line of products!). She has lots of designs to pick from here!

5. Creepy N Pink
I stumbled on these adorable embroidered pumpkin face masks from Creepy N Pink and they were too fun and whimsical not to share on my list of spooky mask makers!

6. Cauldron of Color

Jessica at Cauldron of Color has been busy working on making a huge variety of Halloween face masks and folks can buy them from her directly on her Instagram page.  Check out her story highlights to see all of the fun patterns, prices and features on these masks.  Most are double layer with a filter pocket as well!

I hope you find the perfect Halloween mask or two, or three (there’s no limit here!) for the season! Now the hard part is deciding which ones to get – they’re all so perfectly creepy!

Stay safe and spooky friends,

Callie Jo

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