DIY Halloween Snowman

Despite what the groundhog says, it’s still winter in Oklahoma. Today is the first good snow we have had since 2011! So I thought it would be fitting to share my DIY Halloween Snowman (which was meant to be shared for Creepmas….but I have had some crazy life events happen that I can’t wait to share with you soon!).

I have had the idea for some time now to Halloween-ify a thrifted Christmas decor object, and what better object to Halloween-ify in the winter than a jovial snowman. I think I was inspired by on my favorite and the silliest winter horror film “Jack Frost” .

Keep reading to see the before and after of this spooky snow abomination…

Back in November, I was hanging out with my friend Nathan and we hit up one of my favorite thrift stores, Community Thrift. This store is HUGE and is full of all of the amazing junk and vintage treasures if you dare to dig for these gems.

Among the treasures, I found the perfect holiday snowman to makeover into a Halloween snowman! The figurine is a paper mache material, which makes it easy to use acrylic paint on.

The figurine still had the tag on it from when it was newly purchased and only cost me $2.50. That’s a steal! How could I not makeover this diamond in the rough?!

Soon this snowman would be looking a lot more sinister than jolly…

I started by updating his face, giving him some eyebrows AND updating his wardrobe to more gothic garb.

He needed to give off some apparent Halloween vibes, so I decided to give him a pumpkin orange chest.

And since plain black soulless eyes were not chilling enough, I had to add some beady little red pupils to give him some of Jack Frost’s personality.

I still wanted to add more color to his snow body which prompted me to make some ooey gooey orange drips along the bottom.

Lastly, I added some other embellishments to amp up his festive Samhain spirit.

I added a little surprise to his top hat –  a grinning jack-o-lantern face!

There you have it, a Halloween snowman for cheap! I hope this inspires you to Halloween-ify some winter decor to keep your Halloween Head happy during these bleak dark days.

Stay spooky,

Callie Jo

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