One Year Blogiversary!

Today is a monumental day! One year ago today I launched Halloween Head! A little idea that blossomed into a creative outlet that has led me to make new friends, meet other Halloween lovers, and has filled my spooky spirit with so much joy!

I cannot begin to thank YOU the reader, subscriber and fellow Halloween Head for your support!

This endeavor all started with a trip to my local flea market with some friends. It was boiling hot out and all I had on the brain was fall (as always…as soon as the temperature turns into a true summer heat, I yearn for cool fall breezes) so naturally I was hunting for Halloween objects during this excursion.

I also was feeling a bit blue and uninspired last year. I wanted find a way to take some creative energy and put it out there in the world…I would look at Spooky Little Halloween and Halloween Happy and think to myself, “they’re sharing awesome Halloween content and I just found some AWESOME Halloween loot in the middle summer – maybe I should start contributing the the Halloween merriment that exists out there on the world wide web thanks to bloggers/vloggers such as Miranda and Sam!”

And so, I tried it! I had experience working on some blog platforms in the past (in high school I created a failed fashion/music blog) and I worked for ad agencies/had communications jobs where I updated and worked on blog website platforms.

Plus, with the advent of social media, I could help spread the word about Halloween Head even further than I was able to with my failed past projects.

I have had so much fun this past year coming up with Halloween crafts, DIYs, recipes and more to help you keep your Halloween spirit alive 365 days – because for some of us, Halloween is definitely a lifestyle. I officially dub this, a lifestyle blog now!

Want to revisit some of my favorite blog posts from this past year?  Check out my list below:

I put out a quick poll on my Instagram to find out what you would like to see more of in the next year of Halloween Head posts and celebrate the things you’ve enjoyed this year! Here’s what I found out:

What would you like to see more of?

“I love your spooky fashion posts and wanna see more!” – @mandymorgue87

“spooky recipes” – @spookeats 

“More spooky style and season based shopping guides (like the spring one)” – @toastalongwithchelsea

What do you enjoy most about Halloween Head?

“I love the joy you bring out in your photos! I love your spooky style!” – @anautumnslife

“Honestly, your outfits! So inspiring!” – @spookeats 

“I really enjoy your writing style. You have a lot of personality in what you put in your posts” – @toastalongwithchelsea

“Your awesome videos going to Halloween stores” – @halloween_horror_queen

I appreciate all of this great feedback and your kind words! You can bet I’ll be adding more recipe ideas, shopping guides and spooky style ideas and inspiration in the coming year!

The entire online Halloween community is so special, welcoming, supportive and kind. I feel so lucky to be a part of it AND to be a member of the Samhain Society! Miranda of Spooky Little Halloween created this group to be a hub of support for Halloween content creators and I have learned so much from these bloggers and artists. I truly do not believe my blog would have had the success it has had without being a part of this helpful collaborative!

Also – do you like my earrings and necklace!? I’ve still been playing with polymer clay and had to make something sweet and Halloween themed! Nothing says HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY like some candy corn charms! Mmmm mmmm!

Stay spooky my lovely Halloween friends! I look forward to another year of scary fun with you! THANK YOU for keeping the Halloween spirit alive with me all year!

— Callie Jo

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