Summerween Jack-o-Melon

Next week will officially mark the first day of summer –  but for Halloweenheads, we celebrate “Summerween”, a season where we reflect back on and look forward to the spookiest season.  Stores are already sprinkling in fall products and decor, so it truly is the perfect time to prepare for Halloween to give yourself a break from the sweltering summer heat.

Here in Oklahoma we’ve had quite an unusual summer. I would normally find myself complaining and dreading mowing the lawn in our 100 degree plus June temperatures, but this summer has been unusually cool (I’m still wearing sweaters to the office!) with highs close to 80 and cool fall-like evenings and mornings. I’ll take it! Thanks, Oklahoma!

One way to celebrate Summerween is to hone your jack-o-lantern carving skills for the fall by carving a jack-o-melon! I was inspired to turn a summer treat into a cute and spooky character thanks to the Gravity Falls “Summerween” episode.

I tried my best to find the most round watermelon at the grocery store. I am also not good with knives or carving things in general…so as I attempted to cut a small section off the top, I ended up cutting it jagged giving my jack-o-melon a widow’s peak.

Gutting a watermelon is much more intensive than scooping pumpkin guts, but on the flipside it involves instant gratification as you can nosh on watermelon as you scoop. I used my cookie dough baller to make melon balls that I can enjoy and so that none of the juicy goodness goes to waste.

My friend Spooky Little Halloween also made a jack-o-melon last summer and she turned her melon guts into a tasty salsa with some spooky chips. Head on over to her blog if you want details on how to spice up your creation!

You’ll have to make several trips to the sink to dump out watermelon juice because after all – it is full of water! But you could also use the juice to make a fresh watermelon lemonade, a summer cocktail, the possibilities are endless.

Once the melon meat in out, you can carve a face! Being the sloppy artist I am, I free handed my creation and I must say, it’s a lot easier to carve into a watermelon rind versus that of a pumpkin.

And once you’re done carving, pose with your jack-o-melon for a few photos! Haha!

A  jack-o-melon is perfect for a Summerween themed party, or as a table accent for your summer cookout.

Jack-o-melons gives us that hint of Halloween that just goes with all seasons!

I hope you enjoy your summer and have some fun by making your own jack-o-melon! If you do, please show me your jack-o-melon faces by tagging me on Instagram this summer (@halloweenhead13) – I’d love to do a  future blog post featuring all of the amazing jack-o-melons that my Hallowen friends have made.

Stay spooky friends!


-Callie Jo

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