Spooky Sounds: Ingrid Michaelson’s “Stranger Things” Inspired Pop Record

I have always loved singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson – and there’s even more to love with the announcement of her Stranger Things inspired record coming out June 28!

She has released two singles so far from the record, “Missing You” and my personal favorite “Jealous“. Ingrid tweeted the following about her inspiration around the tune:

Ingrid’s sound has completely changed (and her look) from the Ingrid that I once knew and listened to in high school. Her folksy ukulele and acoustic guitar melodies have been swapped for drum beats and synth-pop accents which is absolutely brilliant for this concept album. What is more “pop rock” than a show set in the 80s!? Her new style is so “Jem” as well!

I am so thrilled that the album is coming out right before the third season of one of my all time favorite shows. I have always enjoyed the creativity and thought that goes into concept albums. The fact that Ingrid tuned into the emotions of our favorite kids from Hawkins, Indiana and put those feelings to music makes me excited to hear all of her songs and the stories she will tell outside of what we see on Netflix.

Be sure to check out “Stranger Songs” coming out June 28, 2019!

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