Springoween Floral Arrangements

This is a fairly easy craft –  and if you love Halloween and want to celebrate it all year this is a must to transform your Halloween items into springoween delights!

I thought I’d share what I did with some of my decorative Halloween buckets to help inspire your springoween decorating.

If you haven’t already seen and learned from my past posts – I love the Dollar Tree and getting my craft on with their affordable items (I just found acrylic paint at my local Dollar Tree is easy-to-use squeezable tubes which I’m very excited about).

To begin this project…I had to do some physical labor. This involved wishing Marie Kondo was present to help clear out everything else in my guest bedroom closet that didn’t “spark joy” so it was easier to get to my multiple totes full of Halloween decor (sorry Marie, you cannot convince me to rid myself of my Halloween because it sparks all of the joy).  After rummaging through the various totes, I finally found the buckets I wanted to spruce up and display for springoween.

I bought some artificial floral stems from the Dollar Tree, along with some floral foam (floral foam spells super weird to me which I discovered upon making these). My Dollar Tree has a great assortment of shapes and sizes of foam, which is great if you want to do this to larger sized jack-o-lantern pails and such! I opted for the smaller cubes that simple dropped into my pails without any cutting or resizing (PLUS, I can pull out the assembled cubes come Halloween time to fill them with hauntingly scary stems later).

I cut up the stems with a wire cutter and assembled so that each little bucket head had a splash of spring color sprouting a top their noggin.

The difficult part of this project is deciding where you will display your springoween creations!

I decided for now, I’ll have two on the fireplace mantel…

And one on the kitchen table to greet me with a spooktacular smile every morning at breakfast and every evening at supper!

I hope you’re feeling inspired to decorate to add a little springoween to your home!


Happy haunting,

Callie Jo

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