Creepy Crawly Spider Cookies


I’m getting excited for my Monster Mash Bash Halloween party happening on October 20! So much so, that I’m beginning to make ghoulish treats for all of my friends to enjoy. Nothing puts a smile on your face than some treats with a little spooky personality to them.

The only issue I run into is that working 40 hours a week can make you feel less than enthusiastic about whipping up something homemade.  That’s why I want to share this easy and quick and frightfully festive spider cookie recipe with you! It’s perfect to put together on a weeknight or when you’re running out of time to make something spooktacular to treat and delight your pals.


  • Thin pretzels sticks
  • Chocolate almond bark/coating chocolate
  • Oreo cookies (the more stuffed they are the better!)
  • Candy eye balls (or you could pipe on some frosting to make your own!)
  • Wax paper

The first thing you’ll do is melt your almond bark in a pot. Keep it on low to medium heat while stirring continuously as to not burn the chocolate.

I then pulled out some pretzel sticks and poured my melted chocolate in a bowl that is easy to dip the pretzels in. Simply dip about half of each pretzel stick in chocolate.

You’ll want to lay out a sheet or two of wax paper to place your chocolate dipped pretzel sticks on to set up.

I got candy eyeballs from Micheal’s last week for half-off! They stock a large assortment of creepy baking accessories this time of year and as Halloween gets closer, they usually are on sale from time to time!

I dabbed a bit of chocolate on the cookie to adhere the eyeballs – you could also icing instead!

Once the chocolate on the pretzel sticks have cooled completely, I  broke off a bit of each pretzel sticks so that the legs protruded just enough from the spider body. I then pushed them into the creme center as pictured.

There you have it! Simple, easy, spider cookies that does not require any baking (the hard work is mostly done for you!) . I know that spiders have eight legs, but this is a rare tasty breed that only has six…imagine that! 🙂

One thought on “Creepy Crawly Spider Cookies

  1. They look yummy, and fun to eat!

    For a similar amount of prep work, I can suggest “Worms in Dirt”. You’ll need chocolate pudding, brownies, and gummy worms. Crumble up the brownies (or use chocolate cookies) and mix into the pudding to get a thick, clumpy consistency. Put into bowls or cups, and stick at least one gummy worm in each serving.


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