Spooky Good Style: Creep in a T-Shirt

Creep (both 1 and 2) is one of my absolute favorite thriller movies.  There’s something so disturbing and perfect about this movie written and produced by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass (I love Mark Duplass’s work – acting, his band, eveything!).

So it was a given that I would jump on the opportunity to promote and show off my favorite thriller in fashion form when Cavity Colors released their Creep line this fall!

If you’ve not seen this delightfully suspenseful independent movie, I highly recommend you head over to Netflix, add it your watchlist and make plans to add a little Peachfuzz in your life…and then watch the sequel!

The first movie follows a filmmaker in need of some fast cash, Aaron (Patrick Brice) who responds to a request for a video project online for a guy named Josef (Mark Duplass). As Aaron spends time with his subject, in a remote cabin, things become apparent that they are not what they seem…

I am wearing the Peachfuzz Ringer (art by Hillary White) from Cavity Colors.  I love how soft and comfy their tees are – and if tees aren’t your thing, they also have a ball-cap, enamel pin, and a hoodie and tank top in this chilling collection you’ll “howl” for. Check it out!

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