Easy Halloween Card Display

This is my first time sending and receiving Halloween cards from the amazing ghouls in the online Halloween community. I have appreciated all of the kindness and support from everyone AND all of the spooktacular Halloween wishes! There’s nothing like ringing in October than sending off and receiving a bright orange envelopes in the mailbox! I wanted to display my greetings I’ve received – but I wanted to do so the impatient crafter way. This October has been very business with work events and family events already so I wanted to show them off quickly.

I used some decorative mesh I bought at the Dollar Tree leftover from making Halloween wreaths. I ran it down the length of my entry way closet door and used two thumbtacks to secure it on the inside at the top and bottom of the door.

The decorative bow is optional, but I had it leftover from wedding shower decor and thought it added a bit of additional flare.

I then secured my letters with clothes pins along the mesh ribbon. If you do not have any mesh ribbon, you could also use any other thick, sturdy ribbon.

I have a feeling I’ll recycle this idea for Christmas time as well! It’s a quick, simple way to display your Halloween cards, and will bring a smile to your face seeing them as a part of your spirited Halloween decor!

One thought on “Easy Halloween Card Display

  1. Love your blog and this post. I’m definitely going to be doing this with my Halloween cards. 😊 I do a similar thing with my hair flowers and clips with ribbons on my doorways. 😊💜🖤


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