Desiccated Animal Skull Decor

animal skull decor

This might be a gross idea to some, but I think old animal skulls make interesting decoration pieces for Halloween. If you ever use an animal skull, be sure you properly clean the skull first to avoid bringing anything yucky into your house.

My Pop was a hunter and has a large collection of deer sheds, busts and skulls from his excursions. Last time I visited my grandparents house a couple weeks ago I was snooping around (as I always find myself doing when I visit) in my Pop’s old workshop. Inside, I found two small animal skulls – one is a deer skull and the other appears to be a dog or coyote. They were cleaned, but covered in dirt and one had a mud dauber nest inside the skull from years of hanging out inside the shop. I was convinced that with a bit of cleaning and a nice coat of polyurethane spray, these skulls would add a bit of odd, unusual, decay and creepiness to my Halloween display this year.

I cleaned up the skulls, let them dry and then sprayed them with a clear shiny polyurethane. I think they’ll add just the right amount of eeriness to my oddities shelf this Halloween!

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