A Summertime Flea Market Haunt

Flea Market Haunt

I had quite the successful haunt at the Tulsa Flea Market this Saturday morning. Some may say it’s a bit too premature in the season to be looking for pieces for Halloween, but I say it’s never too early for Halloween! I went into the market with a couple pieces in mind that I was hunting for: 1) A candelabra to create a creepy baby doll head sculpture with it (I hope to find that in the coming weeks and I’ll post the project on here). 2) Creepy dolls. I did not expect I’d end up spending only $5 total on my trip – $2 of it towards Halloween accents (The other $3 went towards a handmade spoon ring and Simon and Garfunkel’s classic, Bridge Over Troubled Water on vinyl – I don’t know about you but “Baby Driver” is my jam).

I’d like to introduce you to my first creepy doll, meet Constance Merriweather. I am honestly a bit freaked out to have brough this frightening porcelain lass into my home – because I don’t know if any of you have heard about Robert the Doll, but he’s a nice bit of proof that haunted dolls exist. Go ahead and search for “haunted dolls” on eBay and you’ll also find over 2,000 sellers trying to pawn off these demonic vessels. My childhood fear of dolls is starting to seem rational.ConstanceMerriweatherSo how’d this lady get her name? I give full credit to my creative friend, Laura! As we departed the booth, I told my friend that she’s going to need a good eerie name. Laura, being another Halloween hearted spirit was quick to create the name “Constance Merriweather.” I’d say it is a perfect fit.

I also came away with three jolly jack-o-lanterns (fun fact – did you know that the first jack-o-lanterns were carved on turnips? I might try to carve a turnip in a future post…stay tuned) at $1 for the entire lot. Now that is what I call bargain haunting!

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