Haunted Hometown: Cain’s Ballroom

cains haunted hometown

The Cain’s Ballroom is one of my all time favorite places in my hometown. I had my high school senior photos taken there, and have witnessed so much talent and music within those walls. It’s always been a dream of mine to perform there myself (I’m an amateur singer-songwriter), which is a dream that is yet to be realized. This place also has a strong pop-culture history and has helped to shape Tulsa as the city it is.

I’ll never forget the FIRST time I came to the Cain’s Ballroom. I was in middle school and attended the Coheed and Cambria and A.F.I. show there in 2004 with my brother and my dad (definitely a sign of the times and my music taste…). I have grown up with some pretty awesome parents who have embraced and instilled in me a deep love of music – so much so they gave up their evening to escort their adolescent children to an emo-punk-rock concert on a school night.

I aspire to be a cool parent like that someday…but, I digress! Let’s dive into the history and reported hauntings at this iconic music venue.

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