100 Days Until Halloween!

100 days!!! We’re almost there! The best season of all is upon us, the weather should change soon and October will be here bringing us the magic that is Halloween!

Stores have already been putting out Halloween decor and in my opinion, the Halloween season is now upon us. It feels like this year has flown by in an instant so we have to savor all of the Halloween goodness that is upon us while it lasts.

Now’s the time to start crafting, planning and creating your perfect Halloween!

Check out some of my past craft ideas and get started counting down the days until Halloween with me by making something spooky:

I also was inspired to share some fun “100 day” countdown images with you that you can save and share on your social media accounts! Just tag me so I can see it! I got this idea from the lovely Sarah over at the Spooky Vegan. She has lots of images she create if you want to find other images to share!

Let the countdown commence!!

Stay spooky friends,

Callie Jo



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