Becoming Beetlejuice

I love having reasons to dress up multiple times during the Halloween season. Last fall, I had reason for the multiple trips to Salem I took and this year I’ve dressed up for our Halloween party and the 4th annual Black Mold Halloween Bash. This event features Tulsa’s local bands playing cover sets and bands and attendees always dress up. I wanted to test my makeup skills and patience and transform into Beetlejuice just for the occasion (the lead singer of one of the bands was also Beetlejuice, a timeless and appropriate look for any Halloween occasion!).

Read below for some photos and inspiration for your own Beetlejuice look:

I mainly used this zombie stacked cream makeup from Walmart, some plain white cream base and colored hairspray (this stuff stinks – I recommend getting a friend to help you spray your hair outside because I had to keep my windows open to air out the house after use).

I cleaned my face pf my day-to-day makeup look and put on a couple layers of white cream base. Once it dried, I dabbed a brush in some black eye shadow to contour my cheeks and around my hairline.

Using the purple cream makeup, I squared off my eyes using a thin eye shadow brush and then filled it in with the rest of the cream makeup. I did use some regular purple eye shadow on my actual eyelids and used black mascara and lined the inside of my lower eyelids in black eyeliner.

I also filled in my eyebrows with black eyeliner since they disappeared into the white cream base.

I then dabbed some green cream makeup around my hair line, jaw line, contour, and lips and layered with a sallow cream color to give the moldy face look some dimension.

I topped off the look with some black lipstick and green colored hairspray and VOILA – it’s showtime!!!

I do not actually own the Beetlejuice suit, but I do own this awesome Divided by HM striped top that is very reminiscent of Beetlejuice. I paired it with black pants and black cutout booties.

Turn on the juice and see what shakes loose!

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