DIY Halloween Front Porch Sign

diy halloween porch sign

Happy October!!! I have always wanted my own cute front porch sign for Halloween! Being the thrifty-queen I am, I could never cave for one in the store when I knew I had the power to create my own one-of-a-kind sign for much less. That is just what I did – and I do believe it came out just spiffy. Check out how I made mine to inspire your own festive front porch masterpiece.


I picked up some wood at Home Depot (I am not a lumberjack or lumber aficionado – so I’m not sure the kind of wood it is). I walked down the pre-cut wood aisle and picked up a couple boards and compared sizes to make an informed choice on which size and width I needed. My husband used his table saw to help me cut it down about 10-12 inches. The wood cost me $8 and the rest of the supplies I needed I already had invested in and were laying about the house.

I used a matte black spray paint on both sides to give it a nice base and to make my lettering pop.

Once dry, I sketched out my letters and embellishments in pencil to help avoid any major freehand painting mistakes.

And then the magic began! I had to play with my colors and do several coats and some mixing of some of the hues to make the colors stand out against the black base paint. I was using acrylic paints ( My favorite place to get paint is Walmart since they are about $0.50 a bottle!).

If you fully trust yourself, paint right above your guest bedroom area rug or be a bit smarter than I was and lay out an old cloth, newspaper or something to protect your surroundings from accidental paint splatters.

Voila! A front porch sign to inspire and delight the most curious trick-or-treaters!

Here are some other fun lettering ideas you could paint on  yours:

  • WELCOME (make the “O” a pumpkin)

I am so happy with how it turned out – and how simple and easy making one is! I hope that you too will celebrate this eerie and fun season by making a Halloween front porch sign of your own.

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