Love at First Fright: A Halloween Themed Wedding Shower

My brother is getting hitched on October 6 and my mom and I threw a bridal shower for his bride-to-be and my future sister on Saturday, Sept. 22! Since I volunteered to host it at my house – it was a no brainer that the event would need to be Halloween themed. I already had my decor out, so I embraced the atmosphere and called it a “Love at First Fright” wedding shower.

I wanted to share some photos, ideas and games we played at this frightfully fun shower so that YOU can be inspired to host one for a friend or family member this fall!

I had to plan this event quickly since we decided to throw it with only a few weeks notice.  To keep things in line with the theme, I made the bride wear a witch hat while opening gifts that said “This Witch is Getting Hitched!”

I love to plan games and fun takeaways for the bride at showers – and one of those is asking guests to leave their advice and well wishes. I decided for this shower, to have guest drop a note into a black witches cauldron I got at the Dollar Tree.

The Dollar Tree was a HUGE help for my decorating needs. I scored creepy black roses with eyeballs and spiders on them that I placed throughout the house in some decorative jars that I ALSO got at Dollar Tree several years ago for anther wedding shower I hosted.

I found some spooky jack-o-lantern stills and shots on YouTube that I kept playing on loop on the television to reinforce the spooky ambiance.

I made a quick “how well do you know the bride” game to play first. I decided that would be a fun activity especially for those who may not know the bride well to get to know more about her and the groom!

The second game we played was a “name that love song” game. I made a Spotify playlist with 13 songs and I played about 10 seconds of each song. Each guest got a point for naming the correct song title and artist for a total of 26 points. There were also fun prizes involved!

Feel free to download the following to use as a template for your games:

The table spread didn’t have super scary snacks and treats (I’ll reserve that for my Halloween party next month) – but I did sprinkle some sparkly Halloween confetti comprised of bats, skulls and spiders on the table that were a simple black and silver color (charming AND spooky).

We made a GIGANTIC batch of “Tennessee Punch” (pineapple juice, ginger ale and almond flavoring) along with fruit and dip, crackers and cheese, popcorn, nuts, cookies – and my mom’s  amazing gluten-free lemon brownies.

A fun idea my mom shared with me is that you can freeze pineapple pieces and juice in a donut pan to make floating frozen pineapple rings to keep the punch cool and look pretty!

The last game we played was a mummified toilet paper wedding dress game! I asked groups who wanted to play to pair up in groups of two.

They had to pick one person on their team to be the designer and the other person to be the model.

Each team got two rolls of toilet paper to make a dress in five minutes. They could ONLY use the toilet paper to construct their gown.

Once the five minutes were up, the designed had to explain their inspiration behind their design and the bride got to pick the winner!

Everyone had a frightfully good time at the shower with a hint of spookiness (just how I like most things!).

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